The production
The vegetables cultivation regards both outdoor and protected cultures, through the use of structures such as tunnels and greenhouses.
Protected cultures occupy about 10 hectares (4 ha for greenhouses and 6 ha for tunnels).

Production in protected environment
Red and yellow peppers, courgettes, other vegetables.


Main indoor production: cherry tomato, grape tomato.
Productions expected for 2005-2006: cherry tomato 180.000 kg; grape tomato 40.000 kg; coloured peppers 80.000 Kg; courgettes 250.000 kg.

Vegetable production
Main outdoor production:
carrots, 15 ha, production half of March-half of May 1.300.000 kg; iceberg lettuce, 27 ha, production November -April Kg 375.000 kg; potatoes, 27 ha,


Production May -June 570.000 kg; endive, 9 ha, production November-April 225.000 kg; turnip cabbage, 4 ha, production December-March 67.000 kg; fennel, 3,5 ha, production December-February 133.000 kg.