The Farm
Lo Bianco
Farm is located in the Siracusan countryside, nearby Cassibile.
Eng. Giuseppe Lo Bianco, believing in the principles of organic production, certified his farm in 1992 and since then the production has been carried out according to the organic methods.
Lo Bianco Organic Farm extends to 200 hectares , located in the area of Siracusa.
The weather conditions and the

excellent soil fertility allow fruit and vegetable production of outstanding quality.
Within the Farm a team of technicians specialized in organic production combines technological innovation and agricultural tradition.
30 of the 200 hectares are devoted to citrus cultivation for the production of valencia orange and of more typical Sicilian varieties such as femminello lemon and tarocco orange.

Handling store
The store is provided with new technologies for handling carrots, potatoes, citrus, and leave vegetables.
The store is also provided with idrocooling for rapid freezing; packing system; citrus packaging machine.

Handling methods
Products are exclusively handled in the store of Lo Bianco Farm where specialized staff provides for product selection, calibration, washing and packaging.

The types of packaging are: cardboard packs, wood packs, Ifco boxes, Steco boxes, flowpack, sacks for carrots.

In order to provide the conformity and the quality of the commercialized product, Lo Bianco Farm constantly monitors production and handling process.

Analysis Program
Analysis of the raw material; soil analysis; analysis of the acquired products (plants, seeds); physical- microbiological analysis of the store water; microbiological analysis of the main handling systems.

Organic certification Bioagricert, organic certification Biosuisse, quality management system ISO 9001:2000 certified by DNV, certification EUREGAP issued by DNV for lettuce and potatoes.